Avenue Web Design

Avenue Web Design’s Services and All in One Website Package

Up to 5 Page Website Design (similar to this website. Home, About Us, Services, etc.)
We have created a template that can be customized to fit your businesses needs. This is the only way we are able to provide this service and such an amazing price.
I currently do not create membership, e-commerce or social media websites.
My service is tailored to the small business owner looking to get their business onto the internet.

Need to change things around? We will be there for you along the way and will revise your website as many times as needed until you are satisfied.

Logo Design, Photography
Basic logo design service can be included for a small fee. A typical logo can take between 2-6 hours to create.
If you have a logo that’s great, we can use it. If you don’t, we can create one for you.
If you need photography for your website I can provide on-site photography service for a small fee. I use a Canon DSLR to ensure photos taken have a professional look.

Domain Name Registration
If you have a domain name, we can use it. If you don’t have one, we will register and setup a domain for you.
Domain names we register are held in our Business Domain account.
A small maintenance fee is charge each year to pay for the domain name renewal fee and website hosting.

Web Hosting
Your website will be hosting on our Business Hosting account. The 1st year cost is included in the package cost.
A small maintenance fee is charge each year to pay for the domain name renewal fee and website hosting.

Website Photos
We source the internet to find high quality, royalty free images related to your business. Unless of course photos are provided or taken by me.

You pay the cost of the package chosen for the first year and $30 maintenance fee for each year after that.
The maintenance fee is the cost of your domain name and website hosting.

Turnaround Time
Your website will be live within 2 weeks of our consultation. Assuming you are responsive and provide all textual content on time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Why settle for something you don’t like? It is our job to ensure you are fully satisfied with the final product.